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Francesco Galesi, Chairman & Steve Layton, President of E&B Natural Resources

E&B Chairman, Francesco Galesi 
Francesco Galesi is the Owner & Money Behind E&B Natural Resources.  Mr. Galesi was one of the longest-serving directors of WorldCom Inc. He is one of just four board members on the crippled company's audit committee, which signed off on years' worth of cooked books that the company now says misstated $3.9 billion in costs as revenue. Worldcom is the 2nd largest bankruptcy next to Lehman Brothers in U.S. history. Gallesi is responsible for recruiting Scott D. Sullivan, WorldCom's "whiz-kid" chief financial officer, what has become one of America's biggest corporate scandals.  Read this article "The WorldCom debale, Through one Director's Eyes".

Mr. Galesi purchased he Alma and Equinox assets out of bankruptcy after the Steve Layton's Equinox Oil spill and formed E&B Natural Resources.  In 1969, Mr. Francesco Galesi purchased and transformed surplus military depots in upstate New York and converted them into major Industrial Parks. The conversion of these properties subsequently led Mr. Galesi into the warehousing and distribution business. His visions led to further corporate growth and diversification with the acquisition and development of additional real estate holdings, including residential and commercial sites, the acquisition and restoration of the historic Equinox Resort in Manchester, VT, and ownership in E&B Natural Resource Management Corporation, an oil and gas company.  It has also been reported that Mr. Galesi and his wife recently rented a home in Hermosa Beach to promote their new investment.  
E&B President, Steve Layton
Steve Layton has served as President of E&B since 2000. During his career, Mr. Layton has been actively involved in building and managing several oil and gas companies including two that were acquired by Francesco Galesi in 2000 along with E&B Natural Resources.  In 1983, Mr. Steve Layton co-founded Alma Energy and Equinox Oil with his father and Mike Galesi. He served as President of Alma and Equinox from 1997 to 2000. In November 2000, Francesco Galesi purchased the Alma and Equinox assets out of bankruptcy after a massive Louisiana oil spill and formed E&B Natural Resource Management Corporation. Mr. Layton was retained as President of E&B.  Mr. Layton is a member of the Board of Directors of the Louisiana Independent Oil and Gas Association and the California Independent Producers Association. Mr. Layton has also served as a Director and as Governor of the Houston Region for the Independent Petroleum Association of America and as President of the National Stripper Well Association. Mr. Layton earned a BS and MBA from the University of Tulsa.  Steve Layton reportedly purchased a home on Monterrey Blvd in Hermosa Beach in the Spring of 2012 to promote his oil interests in town.  

Joyce Fahey - Currently a Manhattan Beach resident, brings to bear more than 30 years of conflict resolution experience as a judge, attorney, elected official and, most recently, as Vice President, Governmental Affairs for Blackstone Oil & Gas, Inc. Judge Fahey transitioned to a neutral practice at ARC after her second term as Mayor of Manhattan Beach, CA.  Judge Fahey was appointed to the Los Angeles Superior Court in 1991. After her retirement from the Superior Court in 1997, Judge Fahey continued to preside over cases on an as-needed basis and served on the Retired Judges Mediation Panel.

In her position as Mayor of Manhattan Beach, Judge Fahey was directly involved in resolving a wide variety of issues, from litigation over public works projects, construction and environmental impact matters, to negotiating employment contracts for city employees. Recently appointed as a Trustee for the Manhattan Beach Unified School District, Judge Fahey has worked with school districts to resolve conflicts and has mediated disputes among neighboring cities. Judge Fahey is a recognized expert in cases involving child sexual abuse. She is also highly skilled in child custody and visitation matters. Judge Fahey is fluent in Spanish and Italian.

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