Thursday, October 18, 2012

Hypocrisy of Councilmen Kit Bobko & Michael Divirgilio

Listen to Hypocrites Bobko & Divirgilio Rant About Transparency
During the Oct. 9 Hermosa Beach City Council meeting, all concerned had to again endure the self-righteous, condescending, bullying insults and obstruction from Councilmen Michael DiVirgilio and Patrick Bobko regarding a revised banking relationship with the Bank of America.
These two sneaky councilmen owning no property, home, or business in Hermosa Beach, having no historical roots in the South Bay, having both moved and rented units here after briefly renting in Redondo (obviously to use Hermosa Beach for their political self-aggrandizement) have both, more than worn out their welcome.
DiVirgilio and Bobko's badgering questions and ridicule on Oct. 9, nauseously mocked a well-researched revision to the long-neglected banking contract. Hermosa Beach will now see its present $24,000 yearly banking charges completely eliminated. And additionally with new cash credits to be received into Hermosa's account; a net savings to Hermosa's treasury of over $140,000 during the next five years, and without a necessity of expending $75,000 to change banks.
DiVirgilio and Bobko insulted virtually everyone with their pre-planned, disgusting and despicable attacks. They seemingly even elicited an Executive Director of the Hermosa Beach Chamber of Commerce (conveniently a local officer of a banking corporation appropriately rejected from consideration) to complain at the meeting.
DiVirgilio and Bobko's attempt to deceive and manipulate the minds of the public and press with their disingenuous drivel regarding "transparency" and process, was just more illustration of their increasingly offensive and self-serving behavior that wastes and disrupts council meetings costing several thousand dollars per hour.
Much appreciation for this successful new banking contract belongs to Mayor Jeff Duclos, Councilman Peter Tucker, Councilman Howard Fishman, Interim City Manager John Jalili, City Manager Tom Bakaly, the city's finance department staff including the deputy city treasurer, and especially City Treasurer and the financial officials of neighboring cities and agencies who freely gave of their expertise and wisdom.
Howard Longacre 
Bobko and Divirgilio are the same two guys that negotiated (without a public hearing) a deal that is not legal and they have conflicts of interest along with other City officials.  The hypocrisy of Hermosa Beach City Councilmen Kit Bobko and Michael Divirgilio is appalling.  Only 1 only company bid on the deal and they made the city borrow $17.5M with no public forum or RFP. A grand jury needs to investigate what is behind their confidentiality agreement. This video is from the Octorber 9, 2012.  Read more on the top reason this is a bad oil deal for Hermosa Beach.

The City Treasurer was anything but nontransparent taking bids from 19 banks and shared it with the public?   You took a bid on the oil deal from a friend Gary Brutcsh who sourced the deal to you?  Transparency?  Your untrustworthy voting record also speaks for itself.

Request for Open Forum to Discuss Illegal Deal Denied

Its a Legal Issue and Not a Voter Issue

Hermosa Beach Self Storage Lot & Civic Center Roulette

(Option 1) Drilling for Oil = Relocating City Maintenance Yard Here

(Option 2) Keep Current Hermosa Beach City Maintenance Yard

I was shocked to hear at the planning commission meeting that CITY STAFF and not the Planning Commission know all of the information about future plans of the City Hall.  New Downtown Civic Center? Apparently, Hermosa Beach's long term plan is to develop a downtown Civic Center.  This plan is now in jeopardy because of the proposed oil drilling project?  Why, because the City Maintenance yard would have to be relocated to the City own Storage lot across the street from City Hall.  What would happen to City Employee parking?  City Staff seems to think that the City Yard can be relocated onto the storage lot without disrupting the parking.

The City was planning to expand City Hall across the street to the Storage Lot above which makes a lot of sense.  But what more do they need downtown and hope to understand in the future?  Transparency please?

According to Mike Flaherty, Public Works Director say this.  "The EIR for the oil project has to address the City yard relocation.  Is E&B going to pay for the relocation?"  No.

Former Hermosa Beach City Councilmen Gary Brutsch said, "oil revenue from the Tidelands could pay for a police and fire substation on The Strand. Brutsch, "believes many people who were in favor of oil drilling in 1984 didn’t have the energy to defeat the anti-oil forces. Brutsch said, "he wanted to designate Hermosa Beach the environmental portal to the Santa Monica Bay by using tidelands revenues to install filters on storm drains that empty into the ocean."   See Easy Reader article.

Zoning for the new City Yard location next to homes would have to be reconsidered to light industrial.  Is the planning commission going to be involved oil EIR process?  Lets hope so.  Will the planning commission be involved in the EIR?  Lets hope so because I bet Planning Commission Chairman Ron Pizer has some input.

You might also want to read this. How does Hermosa Beach plan to pay $17.5M?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What Is Horizontal Shale Oil Drilling?

What E&B Natural Resources Doesn't Want You to Know

Here are the safety issues and risks of Slant Oil Drilling in Hermosa Beach that E&B Natural Resources doesn't want you to know.

1)  Chemicals and mud are pumped into the ground
2)  More black tar and oil on our beaches 
3)  Hole is drilled just under the deepest fresh water source from the surface. 
4)  Cement sealing always fail and thus why fracking contaminates water underground
5)  Drilling will go completely horizontal only under the Ocean. (1/4 mile)
6)  80 pieces of pipes at 495 pounds each to drill one well (2400 total pipes for 30)
7)  87 tons of pipe per well will be inserted into ground (2,610 tons of pipe for 30)
8)  Perforation gun inserted into ground for an explosions underground
9)  Hydraulic fracturing has huge safety issues under pressure
10)  Pump jacks may not be used so what will they be using?

Steve Layton says, "The best place to find oil is in an old oil field." = Fracking

Monday, October 8, 2012

Oil Companies Do NOT have to Disclose Fracking Sites in CA

Fracking is Still Highly Unregulated in California
See the Fracking Health Dangers of Gas Here

Baldwin Hills Oil Sink Hole in 1963 See (6 min 25 seconds)
Pressurized Oil Extraction Wells Caused This
Hydraulic Fracking Diagram
California Fracking Unregulated
E&B Oil Reveals Hydraulic Pumping Will Be Used
E&B further explains their hydraulic fracking technique using 27 oil wells and 3 water injection wells. The drilling rig will be 87 feet tall and will be temporarily on site for four months before it is removed. During that four month period three exploratory wells and one water injection well will be drilled. This will allow us to analyze the quality, along with the rate and flow, and other important factors of the produced oil, gas and water.
Pressurized Hydraulic Oil Extraction Wells Caused This
Redondo Beach Wins $2.5M Law Suit From Oil Companies in 1997
Eight oil companies named in the lawsuit were required to replace the oil they had taken with pressurized water. He said that because they did not, the surface under the water sank up to four feet in some areas. The subsidence led the breakwater to sink four feet below its designed height of 22 feet, Goddard said, and caused storm-generated waves to crash over the protective wall. He said the storm caused more than $8 million in damage to local businesses, a cost absorbed by the city. Several major oil companies were named in the suit, including Texaco, Exxon, Trident and Phillips Petroleum, Goddard said. 
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