Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fracking in California Can Induce More Earthquakes

Josh Fox of Gas Land Movie reveals unregulated fracking going on in Los Angeles, California and could cause a major earthquakes in the near future.  The USGS is studying the relationship to fracking but regulation still seems a long ways off.  Oil and gas companies are not required to disclose fracking even though hundreds of wells in Southern Califoria have and are currently being fracked.

In Oklahoma , Arkansas, and in Ohio, earthquakes shake the ground and rattle nerves. But these quakes are not the work of mother nature. The USGS says a controversial oil production method called "fracking" is responsible for triggering them

Fracking is a drilling method where highly pressurized water, sand, and a cocktail of chemicals are injected miles into the ground to shatter the rock, which allows the oil and gas to escape. A critical part of this process is getting rid of millions of gallons of waste water. A common way to do that is to re-inject it back into the earth. And that's what can trigger an earthquake. E&B will tell you they are not doing the controversial "hydraulic fracking" but won't be specific on how their technique differs from the above.  Do we want to take this risk?  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Oil Pipeline through Redondo Beach to Torrance Exxon?

Hermosa Beach Pipeline to Exxon Torrance Through Redondo Beach

I guess Stop Oil Hermosa Beach just enlisted the help of 200,000 more people from Redondo Beach and Torrance who could feel the impacts of the proposed oil project.

Of course this was one of the last document posted on the Hermosa Beach E&B website.  Why would safety, noise or toxic air quality concern anyone from an oil company because they say everything is sooooooo safe?  E&B has minimized the safety impacts of this project and we plan to expose every last detail of facts they leave out.  Of course all the documents are posted as PDF and not searchable.  Its only 1000 pages to read.  However, feel free to start reading the noise impact study here.

E&B seems quite proud of their aesthetic renderings for the proposed drilling site.  However, there is no way to draw the winds or the toxic air we are going to be breathing.  I don't think anyone really cares how it looks when toxic air could be blown downwind to thousands. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cities That Have Banned Oil & Gas Fracking

Elections & City Council Bans

1)  Longmont, Colorado (Denver / Boulder Suburb) slaps drilling in face, Outspent 30-1 by oil and gas hacks, bans fracking within city limits. Not even close. 60%-40%.

2)  Mansfield, Ohio voters adopt Community Charter Amendment That Bans Toxic Injection Wells. Not even close 63%-37% 

3)  Ferguson, Pennsylvania voters approve Clean Air & Water Community Bill of Rights while banning injection wells, fracking & shale gas development.  52%-48%

4)  Not a ban but Carpinteria, California drilling initiative defeated oil drilling in 2010.  Blowout victory 70%-30%.

5)  Wellsburg, West Virginia City Council Banned Fracking

6)  Morgantown, West Virginia banned fracking and forced to zoning by judge ruling 

Read about more State initiatives underway.

I don't think people who have actually lived and own homes in Hermosa Beach, California have any intention of moving backwards to permit a century long ban of drilling in Santa Monica Bay. E&B is simply wasting our value time and City resources which could be better spent elsewhere.

E&B still has the opportunity to pack up their bags and go home to save face. 2014 is a long way away.

Please email any others I may have left off to jeff@drillingmaps.com

Monday, November 5, 2012

Carpinteria Oil Drilling Initiative Defeated

A Carpinteria Oil Drilling Initiative was on the June 8, 2010 ballot in the City of Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County, where it was defeated. The primary effect of Measure J would have been to approve a slant oil and gas drilling project proposed by Venoco Inc. along Carpinteria’s coastline.  Real estate values were projected to decrease 10-15%.  Please read the Carpenteria Environmental Impact Report (EIR) which reveals some scary facts. 

Posing as a so-called "people's" initiative, Measure J was an attempt by Venoco to bypass local city government review and oversight. As the only donor to the pro side of the ballot measure, Venoco spent well over $600,000 – compared to $80,000 spent by Citizens CAP (Committee Against Paredon Initiative) that was raised from hundreds of individuals – trying to convince the voters of our small town as to the benefits and safety of their proposed massive oil drilling Paredon Project and why Venoco should be allowed to bypass all the local rules and regulations everybody else in Carpinteria needs to follow. Read more details here.

MEASURE J: Shall the General Plan/Local Coastal Land Use Plan of the City of Carpinteria be amended and a Specific Plan adopted to authorize development of the Paredon Project, a private development project to explore, develop, produce and gather offshore and onshore oil and natural gas resources and transmit them to the Carpinteria Oil and Gas Processing Facility operated by Venoco, Inc.?

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