E&B Oil "Bribe" Headquarters
205 Pier Ave (Suite 103), Hermosa Beach 90254
Building Owned by Raju Chhabira of Shorewood

E&B Suspicious Business Transactions & Donations List 
Full disclosure and transparency is our #1 goal for this web site in order for residents to make unbiased decisions.  We want to know what all individuals, organizations and groups that are accepting donations, side contracts or salaried residents of E&B Natural Resources.  Why is this important?  Buying votes is also known as corruption.  Watch this video which explains what corruption.

It is likely that E&B will spend nearly $1 million or more bribing, wining and dining people and organizations throughout the City. We are will be continually in the process of building this list so please send your anonymous tips here.

1)  Michael Jenkins & Kit Bobko are the #1 suspects on the list of City Officials who have been acting suspiciously over the past year for their illegal settlement agreement.  Here is our evidence so far.  a) Voting Behavior, b) Transparency Hypocrisy, c) Blessing From The Heavens, d) Conflicts of Interest

2)  Hermosa Beach City Manager Steve Burrell retired on April 5, 2012 and was rehired by E&B Oil in March of 2012 with a salary of $168,000 plus expenses as a consultant.

3)  Hermosa Arts Foundation

4)  Hermosa Beach Historical Society 
- President & Director Rick Koenig has been hired to remodel Steve Layton's (CEO of E&B) house on Monterrey Ave.

5) Project Touch in Hermosa Beach 

6) South Bay Chaplaincy 

7) Seniors Program through POA

8)  Hermosa Beach Firefighters Foundation

9)  Long Beach Opera

10)  Hermosa Beach & Manhattan Beach Residents Working For E&B Natural Resources
- Tiffany Rau (Resident & Employee)
- Cheryl Cross (Resident & PR Consultant)
- Joyce Fahey
- Amy Riddle (Resident & Employee)

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