Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Out with Bobko
Easy Reader, Michael Keegan (August 28, 2013)

Oil and Money
Easy Reader, Scott Frantz (August 28, 2013)

Oil omission
Easy Reader, RIck Ciampa (August 28, 2013)

City Council silence & Common Sense & Drilling
Easy Reader, Michael Keegan & H. Miller (June 10, 2013)

E&B Drilled
Easy Reader, Michael Collins (April 24, 2013)

Don't Be Fooled by E&B
Beach Reporter, Michael Keegan (February 14, 2013)

E&B Won't Trick Hermosans
Beach Reporter, Howard Longacre (February 6, 2013)

Concerned About Steve Layton & Francesco Galesi 
Beach Reporter, Chris Prenter (June 2, 2012)

Usurping the treasurer
Beach Reporter, Fred Huebscher (May 25, 2012)

More Transparency (Beach Reporter) (Easy Reader)
Michael Divirgilio (May 22, 2012)

Drilling Up Controversy
The Beach Reporter, Fred Huebscher (April 26, 2012)

Macpherson lawsuit settlement agreement
Easy Reader, Howard Longacre (March, 20 2012)

No Oil Drilling in Hermosa Beach
Easy Reader, Kim Bailey (March 20, 2012)

Conflicting course
The Beach Reporter, Michael Bailey (March 15, 2012)

100 percent against
The Beach Reporter, Kim Bailey (March 15, 2012)

BP of Hermosa?
Easy Reader, Jeff Cohn (March 8, 2012)

Smoke-free, oil-free
The Beach Reporter, Dennis Orfirer (March 8, 2012)
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